“Semper Gumbi” (Always Flexible)- Mantra of the Military Spouse

Real Estate Agent Leah Pommerer knows the challenges of moving for the military because she’s lived it. She’s packed up her home, her children and her life, and moved across the country. However, when she talks about moving, the very real challenges of military deployment and leaving her friends and family for a new place, she isn’t complaining, she’s smiling. She says her mantra, “Semper Gumbi” or Always Flexible is how she [...]

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Bill Weakley’s Big Break

When you ask Loan Officer Bill Weakley what led him to his career as a loan officer, the answer might surprise you. His initial search for a new job after a 15-year career in the restaurant industry began when he and his wife decided to start a family. But it wasn’t until the first ultrasound appointment when the doctor showed two heartbeats instead of one, that Bill knew he knew he had [...]

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Can You Qualify for a Mortgage with Student Loan Debt?

If you recently graduated from college, chances are you have some student debt. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to qualify for a mortgage, even while paying off your debt. Fitzgerald Financial Loan Officer Matt Sines says this scenario is actually very common. “Over the past few years, the mortgage industry has taken steps to address student loans including more flexible guidelines and even special programs geared toward first-time homebuyers that are [...]

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What You Need to Know About a Reverse Mortgage

What comes to mind when you think about a reverse mortgage? Many people have developed an opinion without first gathering the facts. To help separate the facts from the fiction, we sat down with Reverse Mortgage Consultants Mike Poole and Sue Haviland. A reverse mortgage, also known as a home equity conversion mortgage, allows homeowners 62 years and above to access the home equity they have built in their homes and defer [...]

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How to Get a Mortgage if You’re an Entrepreneur

There are lots of perks to being your own boss. Freedom to create your own schedule, finding new challenges and opportunities and, of course, the satisfaction of watching your business grow. In fact, more than 50% of millennials say they are interested in entrepreneurship, and more than a quarter of millennials are already self-employed, according to the U.S. Chamber Foundation. But if you’re an entrepreneur looking to secure a mortgage, things can [...]

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5 Mortgage Myths Debunked

It’s time to set the record straight. If you’re going through the mortgage process, there’s a chance you’re trusting google with answers to questions like, “How much should I put down on my home?” or “Do I need to hire a home inspector?” But you can’t always trust what the internet has to say, so we called Loan Officer Kenny Fryman in Richmond, VA and his partners to give us the facts [...]

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