Real Estate Agent Leah Pommerer knows the challenges of moving for the military because she’s lived it. She’s packed up her home, her children and her life, and moved across the country. However, when she talks about moving, the very real challenges of military deployment and leaving her friends and family for a new place, she isn’t complaining, she’s smiling. She says her mantra, “Semper Gumbi” or Always Flexible is how she stays positive.

“Bloom where you grow,” says Leah. “That’s what I tell my kids and those are the words I live by. Wherever the military takes us, I stay positive, and I focus on my family. It’s the only way to get through the tough times.”

In 2016, just months after her husband returned from deployment, the family was stationed in California when they got word they would be moving to Virginia Beach. The order required a quick turnaround time, barely two and a half months. With her husband gone again for training, Leah knew a cross-country move with two small children would take time and planning.

Leah remembers, “I had to do it all. I had to arrange the plane tickets and the movers, I had to do all the research about the area and I had to find houses for us to look at before we even stepped foot in Virginia Beach.”

Because of her experience as a real estate agent, Leah knows the questions to ask and how to find a home that would fit her family’s needs. Leah’s tips include starting with asking yourself questions before you start your research to help narrow down your search and figure out what’s important. Things like:

• Where are the good school districts? She recommends
• How far do you want your commute to be?
• Do you care about being close to the beach?
• What amenities or stores that you want to have close by?
• What is our price range and what types of houses can we get in this area for that price?

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s important to have a real estate agent you trust who can be your eyes and ears to help you throughout your home buying process.

“It’s my job to make this process seamless for my clients. It’s the most rewarding thing in the world to be able to help families who are going through the same thing we did when we moved here and to know that I am making their move a little easier,” she says. “I can relate to what they’re going through, which is why I became a real estate agent. These people are part of my military family, they’re not just a transaction and it’s not just a job to me.”

Before her customers can move into their new homes, they meet with Loan Officer Matt Frano to talk about the mortgage process and financing their home.

“For active duty military and veterans, we always discuss the VA Loan Program. This program is a great option for so many families because it is guaranteed by the government, requires 0% down and there’s no monthly mortgage insurance,” says Matt.

Matt is also familiar with the military lifestyle. His father was in the navy, so he spent his childhood anticipating their family’s next move. It’s also why he takes so much pride in being able to help other military families make important financial decisions with their mortgage when they buy.

“The VA military buyers are the proudest moments of my mortgage career,” he says. Knowing they are getting their keys handed them on the day of closing after moving across the country is such an amazing experience. It’s why I do my job.”

Matt and Leah believe they make such a good team because they truly understand the mindset of their military buyers, and can anticipate their needs throughout the process.

“We’re their bridge, their link, and we’re here to help way past closing day,” Leah says. “We truly educate our clients so the next time they get their orders it’s easier, it’s better.”

Leah Pommerer is a Real Estate Agent at VA Home Realty. She can be reached at (651) 235-5001 or at [email protected]

Matt Frano is a Loan Officer with Coastal Home Mortgage in Virginia Beach, VA. Contact him at (757) 644-3276 or [email protected] NMLS #1165336.

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