At TowneBank Mortgage, our mission is to better the communities where we live and work. From helping people achieve their dream of homeownership to supporting local organizations, we’re always looking for new ways to inspire and appreciate our employees, as well as our neighbors. That’s why we’ve announced the #ReadySetGrow campaign. #ReadySetGrow is designed to inspire each other to experience new and exciting opportunities and make other people feel good through our words and actions.

We have chosen the Oak Tree as the mascot for our #ReadySetGrow initiative. The symbolism behind the Oak Tree is multi-faceted. An Oak Tree establishes roots—much like a family buying their first home. They’re looking for a place to put down their roots and create a sense of belonging in their community. It’s also a symbol of growth, strength and knowledge. But it doesn’t grow strong overnight. It takes time, resources, and perseverance.

Just like an acorn, you have the strength to do something big. It only takes one person, one company, one idea to spark a change and make our community a better place.

We encourage you to join us in getting out there and spreading smiles! IT’S OUR TIME TO #ReadySetGrow