At Towne, we’re proud to have an array of knowledgeable and professional loan officers who help thousands of clients purchase or refinance their homes each year. In our Loan Officer Spotlight Series, we will be sitting down with a different loan officer each week to talk about their unique experience in the mortgage industry. This week, we sat down with Charlotte-based loan officer Karyn McAlpin, a 25-year veteran in the mortgage industry.

When Karyn McAlpin took a job as a bank teller, she never thought it would be the beginning of her life-long career in the finance industry.  

“I started out as a bank teller while I was in college,” Karyn said. “Shortly after, a loan officer at the bank asked me to be her assistant because I was so detail oriented and very meticulous in my work. Ever since, I’ve been on the mortgage side.”

Now, 25-years later, her meticulous work-style helps make the mortgage process smooth and enjoyable for her clients.

“The quality of origination is what drives the customer experience. The better and more detailed I am at the beginning of the process, the smoother it goes. Gathering all of the right information up front is really important and makes a difference down the line,” she said. “When you put quality in, you get quality out.”

Not only does Karyn match the perfect loan to each of her client’s individual needs, she also plays matchmaker with her clients from time to time. “One of my customers ended up marrying one of my family members after I introduced them to each other,” she said with a laugh. “My clients literally become part of the family in many cases.”

After Karyn’s daughter was born she briefly transitioned into a loan processing and underwriting role, but soon switched back to a loan officer because she missed meeting and helping new clients on a regular basis.

“It’s fulfilling to know that I’m helping people achieve one of their biggest dreams,” Karyn said. “I think being a loan officer is where my gifts are being best used.”

In 2014, Karyn joined the Towne family after working with “big banks” for nearly 20 years so that she could spend more time with her daughter.

“At the “big banks,” we were forced to have mandatory overtime. I didn’t have a great work life balance. I made the switch to Towne because I knew I wanted to be out in origination and still be flexible with my hours. Towne has afforded me that. It’s nice to be able to work from home when I need to if my daughter is sick, or if I want to take off and have lunch with my daughter or go on her school field trip—Towne allows me to do that,” she said.

Karyn and her daughter

Karyn and her daughter.

Karyn also appreciates Towne’s customer service, in-house processing and underwriting, and commitment to closing loans on time.

“I love Towne because they run their business the way I want to do business. The customer isn’t just a number, they are a valued client. The processor, underwriter and the closer value the customer too. When you value that person on all levels, then the customer has the best experience possible,” she said. “We appreciate that clients have things going on in their lives like their children’s school starting or that they’ve reserved moving trucks; the clients have all these things going on and there is a reason they need to close on time. I also love how Towne listens to my needs so that I can be productive and successful.”

Since becoming a loan officer, technology has changed the way many loan officers interact with their clients. While Karyn has embraced all the conveniences of modern technology, she still strives to give her customers the one-on-one customer service they deserve.

“In today’s world, people are all about convenience. It’s very hard to deliver outstanding customer service without putting in the extra work. The culture at Towne allows us to take our customer service to the next level. We want it to be fast and convenient, but still pay attention to detail. I think that’s what sets us apart,” she said. “I also work with a lot of first-time buyers, so I get to educate them about the mortgage process. We may never meet face-to-face, so I try to convey via email that everything is OK and that the loan is progressing as it should. It’s hard to convey positivity through a screen, so I use a lot of emojis and pet names. At the end of the process, I go to every closing to let clients know that they can rely on me even after the transaction. And then they become friends, or family. I truly feel like this is my purpose.”

 As a mother and life-long resident of North Carolina, Karyn likes to stay involved in the community through her daughter’s school, Statesville Christian School.

“Whether it’s community tuition fundraisers or canned food drives, we try to give back to the community. I like the fact that I can be involved with my daughter through her school and give back to the community and help her develop a sense of appreciation for what we have. She’s really learned how to respect others and has developed a sense of grace,” she said.”

When asked why Karyn loves her community, she said, “I love the relationships and the down-home feel. You have people that move here for the lifestyle. When you welcome people here and show them that southern hospitality, they gravitate toward you.”

Karyn McAlpin is a Loan Officer with TowneBank Mortgage in the Charlotte area. She can be reached via phone at 704-754-0192 or via email at [email protected] . NMLS ID # 505392