Who is Towne?

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” —Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Throughout the mortgage process, our customers interact regularly with their loan officer for updates and information about their loan and to answer any questions that come up throughout the process. But behind that loan officer is a support system that’s working tirelessly to enhance the overall experience for each and every one of our customers and partners, as well as keep your loans on track, and get you to closing as quickly as possible. Our support staff is dedicated to providing quick and easy decisions, striving for excellence and top quality customer service. On top of all that, our operations and support staff is local, oftentimes working in the same building as your loan officer. 

But what is it that really sets our team apart from the competition?

  1. We Don’t Miss a Closing Date! If it is within our control, we are going to get your borrowers closed on time.
  2. We work together! Our team is made up of players on operations and sales, all have different positions, but are working toward the same goal. 
  3. We’re local and we always make ourselves available to help! With programs in place to support our sales teams, customers and partners including:
    • “Ask the Underwriter” Platform
    • Extended Secondary Hours 
    • In-House Marketing Team 
    • Expedited Approval Program
    • Condo Specialist Team
    • Automated lock desk
    • Appraisal order & review department
    • On-boarding specialist
    • Training Department
    • Compliance Department

Dee Liles

“The Marketing Department at TowneBank Mortgage is like having a partner sitting with me in my office! This amazing group of specialists can, and do, assist me with everything from print materials to social media and beyond! As a loan officer, I rely on my marketing team to be there when I need my material or assistance and they have never let me down! Their response time is spot on.”

Rob Magruder 

“The support I receive from the TowneBank Marketing Department is phenomenal. They are able to meet my needs, as well as the needs of my referral partners quickly, with unique material that sets us apart from the competition. The TowneBank Mortgage Marketing team always delivers.”

Brad Brown 

“I love the setup we have at TowneBank Mortgage. It truly feels like a team/family environment. Loan officers and operations staff are able to communicate and work through files together, as we have a complete operations staff including underwriters, processors, and closers on site. Who else has an awesome relationship with not only their immediate sales manager, but the on-sight operations and underwriting manager, too?

We have fun here. We get the most complicated jobs done together here. We celebrate each other’s successes here.”



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