At Towne, we understand that no borrower is the same. It’s our vision to think outside the box and provide the best products to match the unique needs of each individual. Our customer journey allows for the borrow to do business exactly the way they want, from application to closing.

Learn more about our customer experience: Download the Mortgage Mobile App- check out our mobile mortgage application and easy-to-use mortgage calculators. Click here to download! Visit our new website- Learn more about who we are, and take the “Mortgage Match Quiz” to see how easy mortgage can be for our customers.

Hear what our loan officers have to say!

“I love the ease of our mobile app and the knowledge that it allows you to share! It allows me to easily collect information from my borrows and is also a great co-branded tool for my business partners. The mobile app saves so much time!”

-Renea Matter  

“My partners love the Mobile App. It’s easy to use if you are on the go! My business partners really appreciate how we can keep them in the loop on the mortgage process.”

-Laura Lawhon

 “My borrowers are very impressed by the Mobile App. They are so impressed by how easily they can input their information, and how quickly we can get a pre-approval letter sent out to them! Once they use the app, they don’t even consider finding a different lender!”

-Blair Young

Let’s talk about career opportunities with our team. Looking forward to hearing from you. Contact us today!  


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