At TowneBank Mortgage, we believe that the more we can support our sales team through innovative technology and marketing, the more loan officers will be able to grow their personal brands, strengthen partnerships and feel more confident in their plan for growth and success in their own career paths. Our marketing team works with loan officers to create strategies and offer resources that make an impact in their local communities.

Some of our marketing resources include:

  • Towne Tough- our digital asset manager and online marketing catalog
  • Towne Central- Sales CRM to manage their pipelines and organize campaigns
  • Client For Life 3.0- our 7-year direct mail client retention program
  • The Mortgage Mobile App- available in the app store for IOS and Android
  • Up to date- loan status emails
  • Video marketing
  • Social media strategy and content resources
  • Team members to help with content creation, event marketing,  digital marketing and web development
  • SMS text marketing
  • and more!

“I’m blown away by all the marketing Towne has to offer and I can definitely see why so many people know the brand.”

-Renea Matter  

“Towne has an amazing marketing team that is willing to quickly customize co-branded flyers and postcards for our busy Realtor partners. In the process they add major value to our loan origination services and make us look good!”

-Gabe Libutti 

“I always have the marketing I need, when I need it. The marketing team is always available to step in when i’m not sure what i’m doing.” 

-Dee Liles

If you’re looking for a team of in-house professionals to help support your marketing goals, let’s talk about career opportunities at Towne. Message us on Facebook today!


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