Since our founding in 2001, TowneBank Mortgage has experienced growth in all areas, including the overall number of employees and geographical footprint, as well as total loan volume, making us one of the top residential mortgage lenders:

  • Over 800 employees
  • Lending footprint of 13 states across the East Coast, from PA to FL
  • More than $3.5 billion in loan volume in 2017
  • Ranked #48 in Top Volume in the Nation

But there’s more to know about Towne than numbers alone. Local decision-making is a hallmark of the Towne philosophy and it allows us to offer affordable loans, quick processing and exceptional service. As a local mortgage company, we believe our success stems from the relationships we create throughout the communities we serve, and we work hard to provide our employees with a fun and fulfilling workplace so that we can provide our clients with a seamless mortgage experience.

At Towne, our culture of caring is what makes our brand so special. We are a community and family-oriented business with a focus on people first, profits second. Giving back to the community has always been a strong part of who we are, and we are proud of our commitment to give back through volunteerism and charitable donations, donating more than $6 Million in our local communities last year.

But behind our company culture and reputation are some pretty amazing people who make up the Towne family. Hear what some of our loan officers have to say about why they chose Towne. 

Scott S. “I have worked with the majority of the Towne management for 17 years. The biggest feeling that I can express is that they truly want everyone around them to succeed. Not just for their own monetary reasons. Every day, management brings energy and excitement that helps the team around them reach new levels of success. This is a trait that I’ve seen passed down over the years, so that it is now a part of the company’s culture. It brings everyone closer together, and it’s reassuring to know that you can count on anyone on your team.”

Angie G.“Basically, the mortgage business is the mortgage business and all mortgage companies offer similar services and rates. To me, the difference is all in the people. I’ve never worked for a more supportive and intelligent group of professionals. I know at all times, I can trust in the process and every one from the very top down is working with the best intentions and for the best outcome for everyone involved.”

Chase C. “One of the main reasons I decided to work for Towne is the management team here and their experience and expertise. I have been with this group of individuals for almost 9 years now, and I can’t say enough about the value of having managers who continue to have my back and invest in my future. If you are serious on becoming a Loan Officer, I can’t think of a better place to start your career. Towne offers every loan product you need to satisfy the needs of your clients, with more resources and opportunities to grow your business than any of our competition.”



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